The Problem

Poplar MSP came into being to address two lingering problems that are common knowledge in the MSP industry:

  1. Traditional sales efforts are growing ever more inconsistent (or just plain ineffective), especially in saturated, mature markets.
  2. There is a growing recognition that part of providing complete IT solutions is to ensure sufficient training is available for clients.
    • Low knowledge end users is a serious problem in the MSP industry, especially given growing security threats, particularly social engineering.
    • The future of IT service is in customer service, not turning screws.

Our service addresses both of these problems in a unique, creative way.

The Solution

  1. Free (or affordable) online training for decision makers and end users can be a strong component of a very effective marketing strategy.
    • Stale prospects and new prospects have a reason to engage, as you lead by sharing valuable knowledge.
    • Your brand reputation is enhanced as more people in your market learn about your training offering.
  2. Existing clients are offered the training they need.
    • There are revenue opportunities with training as well, that many MSPs are not currently tapping into.
    • Your service moves up the value chain as it becomes more well rounded.