About Sonya

Prior to founding her own cybersecurity training firm, Infinity Cyber, Sonya worked as a project manager at a variety of mid to large-size companies, state and federal government agencies. 

In 2012, she launched and then managed the Michigan Cyber Range (MCR) which led to the creation of  over 80 cyber training programs, industry-recognized certifications and  cybersecurity exercises.

Sonya is passionate about helping business leaders understand real-world cyber risks so that we can better detect and prevent threats in our businesses. 

Sonya Goulet


  • Security awareness training
  • Cybersecurity management for SMBs
  • Why do SMBs need security champions?

To learn more about each session, visit: https://www.poplarmsp.com/catalog/

I especially appreciated Sonya’s ability to make concepts approachable to the layperson...Sonya impressed on many of the staff the importance of good password habits (which will dovetail nicely with our upcoming security project).
Clay J