A customer-centric, flexible and holistic approach to training MSP end-users and building your brand.

Our Solutions

Training Strategy Consultation

Online Training Session

Event Execution Guidance

We understand that end-user training is key to the successful adoption of technology in any organization. We also know that training events can help position your MSP as a thought leader in your region. PoplarMSP will work with you to develop and deliver custom training content for your clients and prospects so that you don’t have to!

How we get started

Initial Consultation

We take the time to learn and gather information about your MSP and your market needs, then we’ll start developing a training package to help you grow your MSP.


At this stage, we've examined your desired focus and outcomes and were ready to help you implement everything you need in order to run your training program effectively and stress-free.

Training Services Development

Once we know your training needs, we develop a training plan – so you can easily get started. Here we will identify key applications, tools and more that will compose your training roadmap.

Microsoft 365

Offer your clients and prospects basic and power user training focused on applications and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Power BI, SharePoint and more.


Employees are the first line of defense against malicious attacks online. End-users and managers need to be aware of security best practices to do their their part in keeping businesses secure.

Training Formats

End-User Training (Remote)

A PoplarMSP trainer trains end-users on a specific application or tool available in various levels.  A good solution for small organizations with a limited number of users.

Webinar (Remote)

For shorter, introductory training topics, webinars train professionals remotely on a concept or product. These sessions are typically conducted remotely for an hour-long duration.

MSP training

What Trainees Say

The session was very informative and I gained valuable insights into using Microsoft Teams. I can see the benefits of using it.​
Aaron M
Project Manager
We have just started using Teams so your training session was very informative for me. Thanks again.
Ana C
Office Manager
Many thanks for the wealth of instrumental information provided. It is greatly appreciated and put into practice readily.
Abigail F
Executive Director
Paul explains things in a way I can understand.
Beau B