We have just finished up a round of recruitment for Smart Dolphins and have narrowed our search to four excellent candidates. Smart Dolphins IT Solutions stands out as an “employer of choice” in our market. This is due to our longstanding ability to attract great people — it is one of our greatest strengths.

Much work goes into a successful recruitment. Of course, the main task that goes into building a strong reputation is taking the time to build a great company that people want to be a part of — high quality candidates will learn the reality.

Our marketing is also important. We typically think about the marketing engine as a vehicle to generate new business, but our future awesome employees see the impact we make here too. Our marketing efforts make for a wonderful first impression — a real difference maker.

I had a few candidates mention to me that they were aware of the brand and valued our approach to educating our business community with our MSP training efforts. They suggested to me that it demonstrated that we care about others’ success and we appear to be run off our feet with tech problems. Consistently sharing our thought leadership and training events demonstrated to this latest round of candidates that we value education and continuous learning. Potential employees know our emphasis on professional development will be part of the benefit of joining Smart Dolphins.


When we are consulting with potential PoplarMSP clients we rarely even mention the recruitment benefits of thought leadership and technology training. This recent recruitment experience made me ponder if this benefit is one of the most important things to share. An MSP is only as great as their people.

Are the best people in your market seeing you as an employer of choice? Perhaps building a more progressive brand through thought leadership and technology training events would better showcase who you are and what you care about? PoplarMSP can help.