Getting started with Intranets: Microsoft SharePoint​

Intranets are a useful communication tool for growing businesses to deliver consistent information to employees within their organization.

In this session, we will share what Intranets do, what types of organizations benefit the most from them, and why Microsoft SharePoint should be your platform of choice. We will also highlight the most common pitfalls that occur with Intranets, and how you can avoid them.

Agenda: Intranets overview | Use Cases and Types | SharePoint demo

Duration: 90 minutes

Power BI for small business

Learn the fundamentals of Power BI and what it does well. We will demonstrate how to build and publish a report. Participants will walk away from this session with a clear understanding of the value this tool can bring to their small business and how to get started.

Agenda: Power BI fundaments | Demo

Duration: 90 minutes

Microsoft Teams: Beyond the basics

In this session, we outline how to manage channels, roles, tabs and take a closer look at file discovery and sharing.

This session is recommended for all users who are looking to advance their skills beyond basic everyday use.

Duration: 90 minutes

power BI

Power Automate for small business

Power Automate is a tool that allows us to streamline business processes and remove repetitive work across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and even some third party tools. In this session, we walk professionals through three examples to demonstrate what can be achieved using Power Automate.

Agenda: Power Automate summary | Demo