I get it.

Like you, I run an MSP. And I absolutely get that, as most every business owner does, we need to take care of a ton of different things. It is a lot to do everything well. One of those things that may not make the priority list is marketing. MSP owners know that in order to survive and grow, we should be doing something. Now, who has the time and know-how to be excellent at the ever-morphing realm of marketing?

Just go online and take a good look at what you see going on in our industry. For example, I use LinkedIn nearly daily and I see so much of the same stuff repeated, over and over again. Clickbait headlines or sensationalized statements about the big IT problem an MSP wants to solve; it’s a FUD-fest.

Do you think a prospect is really going to benefit from the “The 5 Best Ways to Avoid Malware Forever”? They might if they read it and did something about it, but this information has been offered to them in the same form dozens, if not hundreds of times before — It’s just noise and a waste.

Maybe an MSP accomplishes imprinting their brand another time with yet another generic proactive-IT post on the socials, but with what value or emotion attached? At best, they’re just another noise-making MSP. At worst, they’re wasting time and annoying; an unsubscribe-fest.

But what to do instead?

Think about being useful first (and second).

Offer something that you honestly think might be valuable. Create content that you would want your favorite client to spend their valuable time consuming. Offer something people would pay for.

Do you want your brand imprinted with waste or value?

I can tell you firsthand the best way we (Smart Dolphins IT Solutions) accomplish being useful and impactful, while also building thought leadership into our brand is offering technology training to our business community. That power is why I created PoplarMSP to do this exact same thing for other MSPs.

Providing technology training well is not easy, but when you do, it is super valuable, appreciated and offers an MSP a terrific ROI — everyone is winning.

PoplarMSP makes technology training easy. Contact us.