For managed service providers (MSPs), the sales cycle is typically long and arduous compared to other business-to-business services. Getting the message through to a prospect can take hundreds of marketing touches. Those “touches” may manifest in emails, blog posts, direct mail campaigns and good, old-fashioned dials. In some cases, this can go on for years before eventually being rewarded with a first-time appointment. This means that lead nurturing is a skill that your marketing team needs to be good at for the long run.

Webinars create opportunities for your MSP to nurture your relationship with your prospects. Here’s are some reasons why they are so effective:

  • Showcase your talent/subject matter experts
  • Offer consultative guidance during Q & A
  • Showcase your professionalism and communication (smooth registration and follow-up survey)
  • Educate your prospects on contemporary IT challenges or aspects of IT that are often overlooked
  • Create a webinar funnel that results in an ongoing content process so that you can re-purpose your content and distribute it elsewhere (blog posts, emails, social media etc.)

According to Hubspot, 30% of consumers report feeling more engaged with a company when a webinar teaches them something new.

A webinar creates an opportunity for your prospect to evaluate your MSP. So, you’ll want to ensure that if you are hosting them, you do it well. A negative experience could result in a poor view of your company and a lack of future engagement. Talk to us, we know how to deliver a successful webinar.