Reasons to offer online training in your 2021 MSP Marketing Plan 

By now, you may have considered hosting online events or webinars as part of your MSP marketing strategy — great idea.

Perhaps you have already put on a session or two focusing on subjects like cybersecurity or Microsoft Teams, is this you? Like many, you may have done so in an ad-hoc way and haven’t really included it as part of a broader marketing plan. Below, we offer four important reasons why you need to offer online training in an organized way in 2021.

Offering consistent online training as a service, you will position your MSP as a technology leader in your business community. Also, the service warms up cold leads and generates new ones too.

Thought leadership

Position your MSP as an authority on the very technology that you deploy. Consider a training session as an opportunity to showcase your talent and company. You will be viewed as a thought leader on technology, not just among your clients and prospects, but also within your community — this will help differentiate your MSP from your competitors.

Warm up those cold leads

Do you have leads in your database that are stuck in your cold list? Perhaps you met with the leader of a company years ago and your email marketing just isn’t delivering the results. Marketing monthly training sessions on the technology their employees use every day will renew prospect interest in your MSP. Chances are your competitors are also not offering training in an organized fashion.

Schedule a session and track the results. Use data tags in your CRM and create a follow-up strategy to move those leads from cold back to warm and in time, into your sales funnel.

MSP marketing

Generate new leads

By promoting your training sessions to the wider business community (through third-party websites and on social media), you will need to create a new marketing event list. Professionals will attend your sessions that may not be a good business prospect right now, but don’t worry about that. Their business needs may change over time and you may not know just how much influence they may carry elsewhere.
These leads may in fact become raving fans. They may begin to refer business to you. Even if they are cold, through a follow-up call campaign or feedback surveys you can learn more about their technology needs and qualify them more effectively.

While the pandemic expedited digital transformation in the small business world, it is apparent in the adoption of platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams that there are many benefits to offering online training. These trends are here to stay.

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