Education-based marketing is the ongoing process of developing and sharing content that educates your prospects (or clients) as to why they need your service. For years, MSP marketers have been educating potential customers and prospects on a range of IT-related topics. Consider some of these 2021 trends:

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Cybersecurity (risk, technology, awareness, management)
  • Microsoft cloud tools (Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint)
  • Remote work
  • Best practices/standards

At our MSP, we have conducted much experimentation over the years. We produce a quarterly newsletter that is mostly educational, and we have always shared weekly tech tips that continue to bring prospects to our website!

Offering training was just part of the natural progression of this marketing strategy. For a couple of years, we focused on in-person lunch and learn events offering, for example, Excel and cybersecurity awareness training. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we took all our training online and rapidly expanded our offerings to include Microsoft Teams, cloud tools, cybersecurity management and more.

MSP marketing

Consider these three benefits of education-led marketing:

  • End-users learn and become more productive and efficient technology users.
  • You can use your training content and calendar to drive engagement to your blog which will improve your search engine optimization on specific technology-related keywords.
  • You are positioning yourself as a thought leader which will help differentiate your MSP from your competitors.

If you have questions on how to integrate education-based marketing into your 2021 plan, contact PoplarMSP.