End user training

Security awareness training

The activities of uninformed staff are a leading cause of security breaches in businesses today. In this session, professionals will learn about password management, multi-factor authentication and how to secure their devices in a remote or hybrid work environment.

Agenda: Foundations of security awareness | Common threats | Three ways to secure your work environment | Best practices for users | Remote work checklist

Duration: 1 hour

Getting started with password management

During this 60-minute session, you will learn why password management is vital and how to get started using a password manager application. This webinar will review the fundamentals of password managers (i.e. functions and types), key benefits and best practices for both business leaders and end-users. The session will conclude with an overview and demo of LastPass, one of world’s leading password managers.

Duration: 1 hour

Management training

Cybersecurity management for SMBs

In this session, we will outline the foundations for assessing and managing cybersecurity at small to medium-sized businesses.

We will get started with basic cyber hygiene, review the most necessary processes and tools businesses need in place and discuss how to maintain a strong security-minded culture. 

We will wrap up with a deep dive into key considerations of remote work as a driver of cybersecurity.

Agenda: What is cybersecurity | Getting started with security at your SMB | Basics of cybersecurity | Third-party security | Security culture and change management | Remote work as a driver of cybersecurity

Duration: 1 hour

Why do SMBs need security champions?

Right now, a multilayered approach to security is critical. Despite increasing investment in technology, humans continue to be the weakest link in IT security.

For this reason, businesses today, need to have a dedicated employee who will be responsible for promoting a security-minded workplace culture. This person needs to enthusiastically champion the security cause.

In this session, we unpack the concept of a security champion. Participants will learn why you need one and what their duties should be.

Agenda: Duties of a security champion | How and where to get started | Top 3 to-dos | Ongoing tasks

Duration: 1 hour

All cybersecurity training sessions are presented by Sonya Goulet. Learn more at: https://www.poplarmsp.com/sonya-goulet/