If your MSP is like many others, content development is an uphill battle. If you have an in-house marketer, developing a content creation process that relies on operations may be difficult due to a lack of alignment between marketing and sales. Alternatively, if you outsource your marketing; you may have to settle for generic content that is duplicated — the dreaded boilerplate schtick. Have you ever noticed canned content on other MSP websites: Why choose us? Top 7 reasons to choose us as your IT support company, or some call to action for a free guide? Or, how about that unbranded vendor resource that 30 MSPs just shared on Twitter that you simply add your logo to? — ouch!

If your MSP struggles with content creation, one solution is to use every webinar as a content marketing campaign. Each time you host an event, you create and share new content. Here is the process:

  • Host an event.
  • Record the event.
  • Review the recording and transcribe it, which can be used to create blogs, video teasers or condensed versions for on-demand viewing.
  • Share on your blog, via email, social media (create a new YouTube playlist) and put the slides on SlideShare.

Repurpose your Webinar

Repurposing your webinar content will further leverage and differentiate your MSP. This content will boost your visibility online via search engines, social media and email.


And you can offer something useful for those who were not able to attend in the format of a blog, infographic or shortened webinar. Perhaps, they will attend your next session or inquire to learn more about your expertise on the subject. 

With this process, you do not need to get support from operations to create content. You do not need to stress about setting deadlines or incentivizing your employees or colleagues to produce content. There are a multitude of affordable transcription or caption services (we use Scribie and REV) and video editing freelancers (fivrr) to help save you time. So, if you are already doing webinars but not using the content from these. Get to work – you are sitting on a content goldmine.