MSPs are changing how people work every day

Even after 21 years of running an MSP, I still feel like it is the wild west in this industry. There is so much evolution happening in this business, and it is accelerating. Stepping back for some reflection, I am blown away at how much change has happened in Smart Dolphins’ internal workings and what […]

A user’s cloud journey

Last year, the onset of the pandemic rapidly accelerated cloud adoption by businesses of all sizes — this continues today. Luckily, for many small business leaders in partnership with Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs), they were already embracing the cloud. We are now experiencing new business inquiries coming from business leaders who are struggling with […]

Training attracts great candidates

We have just finished up a round of recruitment for Smart Dolphins and have narrowed our search to four excellent candidates. Smart Dolphins IT Solutions stands out as an “employer of choice” in our market. This is due to our longstanding ability to attract great people — it is one of our greatest strengths. Much […]