How to shorten the MSP sales cycle with webinars

For managed service providers (MSPs), the sales cycle is typically long and arduous compared to other business-to-business services. Getting the message through to a prospect can take hundreds of marketing touches. Those “touches” may manifest in emails, blog posts, direct mail campaigns and good, old-fashioned dials. In some cases, this can go on for years […]

Track ROI through event-based marketing

A great local company just invited Smart Dolphins in as their new MSP. New opportunities are always exciting, but what was notable about this one was how easy the sale was. I inquired a little and I guess we had this person well-surrounded by great Dolphin advocates. Apparently, he asked three business peers who they would recommend for IT support and all three of them responded […]

Has your MSP integrated education-led marketing into your marketing strategy?

Education-based marketing is the ongoing process of developing and sharing content that educates your prospects (or clients) as to why they need your service. For years, MSP marketers have been educating potential customers and prospects on a range of IT-related topics. Consider some of these 2021 trends: Business continuity and disaster recovery Cybersecurity (risk, technology, […]