Security awareness training

Infections cost organizations billions of dollars in lost time and productivity, as well as ransom payments and other indirect costs, like damage to a business’s reputation. 

End-users will learn about password management, multi-factor authentication and how to secure their laptops and desktops while working remotely.

This session will teach professionals how to avoid becoming a statistic. 

Agenda: Foundations of security awareness | Common threats | Three ways to secure your work environment | Best practices for users | the work from home checklist

Duration: 1 hour | Presented by Aaron Kraus

Cybersecurity management for SMBs

In this session, we will outline the foundations for assessing and managing cybersecurity at small to medium-sized businesses.

We will get started with basic cyber hygiene, review the most necessary processes and tools businesses need in place and discuss how to maintain a strong security-minded culture. 

We will wrap up with a deep dive into key considerations of remote work as a driver of cybersecurity.

Agenda: What is cybersecurity | Getting started with security at your SMB | Basics of cybersecurity | Third-party security | Security culture and change management | Remote work as a driver of cybersecurity

Duration: 1 hour | Presented by Aaron Kraus

Microsoft 365 cloud tools

There’s a lot more to Microsoft’s premiere productivity suite than meets the eye. The objective of this webinar is to introduce users to three Microsoft 365 tools: OneNote, SharePoint and Teams. 

Agenda: The cloud | Security and authentication | What’s included in Microsoft 365? | The foundation: SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams Live demo

Duration: 1 hour

Why do SMBs need security champions?

Right now, a multilayered approach to security is critical. Despite increasing investment in technology, humans continue to be the weakest link in IT security.

For this reason, businesses today, need to have a dedicated employee who will be responsible for promoting a security-minded workplace culture. This person needs to enthusiastically champion the security cause.

In this session, we unpack the concept of a security champion. Participants will learn why you need one and what their duties should be. 

Agenda: Duties of a security champion | How and where to get started | Top 3 to-dos | Ongoing tasks

Duration: 1 hour | Presented by Aaron Kraus


An Introduction to Microsoft Teams

In this demo, we will walk users through a day in the life of a Microsoft Teams user. We will weave in best practices and etiquette to help them optimize their work and get the most out of their Microsoft 365 environment. Connect, communicate and collaborate!

Agenda: Teams overview | Security | Live demo

Duration: 1 hour

Outlook 365 Beyond the Basics

In this session, professionals will learn how to work with different mail views, use clean up options, create and use quick steps, work with Outlook rules, share and use calendars and tasks versus to do’s.

Duration: 90 minutes

An Introduction to SharePoint

In this 90-minute session, we will provide an overview of SharePoint and a demo of the following: Site content, pages, document libraries and lists.

Duration: 90 minutes

Microsoft Applications

Word | Level 1, 2 & 3

Excel | Level 1, 2 & 3

Durations: 90 minutes, 3 hours or 1 day

Outlook | Level 1 & 2

Powerpoint | Level 1 & 2

Custom Packages

Custom training can be arranged following consultation with your project team and/or vCIO. The purpose of this consultation is to:

  • Identify any specific focus areas for training
  • Identify any additional/specific items not on the standard training pathway
  • Learn about your customer’s needs

Custom training will include Q & A and a recording of the session for future distribution.

Interested in customized training sessions? Contact us!