Why your MSP should offer training on Microsoft Teams

You may recall when the pandemic first hit, many small-to-medium-size business leaders were forced to shift quickly to remote working environments. To facilitate that change leaders needed to adopt tools, for example, Microsoft Teams and then many users required training. It was an interesting process to witness, as some business leaders were ahead of the […]

Marketing your MSP event

The emergence of virtual events and training sessions (by MSPs) arrived on the scene as the result of the pandemic. MSPs were put into a situation where they were quickly rolling out technologies, like Microsoft Teams. Once rolled out they subsequently needed to train large numbers of clients on these tools. Here we are nearly […]

Simplify Online Training

The IT industry attracts a certain type.   Of course, I’m generalizing, but technology is complicated, and the detailed-oriented nerds of the world excel here. As is the case with any strength, the love of complexity prevalent in the MSP industry can be a weakness when it comes to building non-technical organizational competencies. Training falls victim to this. Technology training […]