Technology Trainer / Software Consultant

We need to forever be pursuing more business impact and more depth to our clients’ solutions. Technology is evolving quickly, and we are looking for a professional who can drive our technology leadership deeper within our business communities and the small to medium-sized business (SMBs) operations we touch. Join us and help lead the business world through a journey of better leveraging technology.

We are specifically looking for a unique blend of training and consulting talents. We will be placing a heavy emphasis on Office 365 cloud software solutions (i.e. SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, Power BI, etc), but will also intersect with other interesting technologies and topics. We are ultimately looking to build a world of power users and need a super hero ready to take on this mission!


  • Developing and maintaining a masterful understanding of SMB technology and the business application of these tools, with a heavy (but not exclusive) emphasis on Office 365 technology.
  • Developing unique, targeted and impactful technology training content for business professionals, to be delivered through live, instructor-led, one-to-many training events.
  • Delivering regular webinars and training events to a wide variety of audiences of business professionals.
  • Providing thought leadership for marketing and sales purposes.
  • Providing general consulting to business professionals in software implementation, with emphasis on Office 365.
  • Developing a detailed understanding of business requirements for specific clients and recommending specific plans and implementation pathways to meet those needs.
  • Planning, managing and executing on software implementation projects for clients.
  • Providing training internally to our various teams on how to support solutions implemented for clients.
  • Providing technology training and “thought leadership” internally to our team.
  • Helping evolve our own internal technology and systems.
  • Providing support directly to clients for the solutions implemented.
    Building client loyalty and long-term relationships.
  • Assisting with marketing and selling activities.
    Serving general admin and team support needs.


  • Masterful understanding of Office 365.
  • Broad SMB technology experience.
  • Strong teaching and consulting skills.
  • Strong communication skills and empathy.
  • Business analysis and proposal development skills.
  • Business or entrepreneurial experience.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to flourish with minimal guidance, be proactive, and handle uncertainty.


  • Instructor certifications or education.
  • Microsoft certifications.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, communications or related field.
  • Experience in sales, marketing or related field.
  • IT industry experience.
  • MSP experience.


Success in this role will be ultimately about empowering technology users and SMB clients to continuously improve their utilization of the technology they have invested in.

Your mission is to educate the SMB world on technology through the development and delivery of awesome training content and remote learning events. You will also lead the implementation process and ensure the best utilization of technology. The specific audience and method will vary for these objectives, but overall success comes from creating positive impact and great experiences for clients.

We believe in using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help guide everyone’s efforts and provide more feedback to the results we’re achieving. Some of the important KPIs for this role will be in these areas:

  • Client NPS & CSAT (customer satisfaction)
  • Training events ran
  • Learners attended
  • Learner feedback scores
  • New client acquisition
  • New training event content created
  • Training catalog quantity and quality
  • Revenue and gross margin

Please review our Smart Dolphins website to learn more about our BEST PLACE TO WORK. We’ve been voted #15 in Canada this year! We have put in a great effort to create this positive work environment and are very proud of our progress. We also know that there is so much more we can do to create an even better home for our long-term careers. Every Dolphin we bring into the team plays an important part in building this meaningful workplace culture.

We have an extensive recruitment process. Should you go through it, you will discover what we mean by these values. We hope you will get to know who we are and help us decide if you are a good fit and the right person for this critical role. We look forward to exploring this opportunity with you.